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The Housing Authority of the City of Tulsa (THA) is governed by a voluntary Board of Commissioners, each of whom is appointed by the Mayor of the City of Tulsa.  The Board employs THA's President / CEO, who, in turn, employs the remainder of THA's staff of approximately 250 members.

 Executive Office

The Executive Office is responsible for the overall operations and performance of THA.  The Executive Office is comprised of the President / Chief Executive Officer, Executive Vice President / Chief Operating Officer and Executive Administrative Assistant.

The President / CEO also serves as the Contracting Officer for THA.

 Assisted Housing (click here for more information)

The Assisted Housing Department (formerly known as Section 8), is responsible for families receiving rental assistance where they can select housing of their choice, whether it is an apartment, duplex or house, provided the owner of the unit is willing to accept the family under the Voucher Program guidelines.  The Voucher Program enables families to move from state to state and maintain their rental assistance.  The Family Self-Sufficiency Program is responsible for assisting families currently receiving rental assistance in making the transition from public assistance to becoming economically independent of all government subsidies.  To ensure that housing is in safe, sanitary and decent condition, THA employs a team of inspectors.  THA's inspectors also cover Public Housing sites.

 Housing Operations (click here for more information)

THA provides housing for low and very low income residents through Public Housing Units. Housing Operations is responsible for the management and maintenance operations of fourteen (14) public housing apartment communities in the Tulsa area. Functions include processing lease agreements, rent, work orders, eviction processing, housekeeping inspections, fire safety training, etc. and overall operations of the communities. To ensure that housing is in safe, sanitary and decent condition, THA employs a team of maintenance professionals, including custodians, electricians and plumbers.

 Construction Services (click here for more information)

To keep THA's properties in safe, decent and sanitary conditions, the Construction Service department contracts for all modernization work, as well as administers annual contracts for routine and non-routine maintenance needs.

 Community Relations (click here for more information)

THA recognizes that the provision of housing is only part of the need facing low and very low income families who strive to become more self-sufficient.  Community Relations staff are present at all housing communities and offer a multitude of assistance ranging from fun activities to employment assistance. Community Relations plays a big role in the success of the Hope VI Program.

 Hope VI (click here for more information)

Hope VI is a unique program which was funded in part by a federal grant, and in part by state and local funding sources. The focus of the program was to demolish the Osage Hills housing development and replace it with a newly developed neighborhood (Country Club Gardens), complete with a senior mid-rise building and cottages, rental property, and new homes for sale. The site also includes a community building, which hosts a variety of resident services, a day care, a health clinic and a neighborhood park.

 Finance & Administration (click here for more information)

The Finance and Administration Department is led by the Senior Vice President / Chief Financial Officer, who is responsible for overseeing all budgets, funding request and draw downs, as well as supervises the Accounting Staff, Management Information Systems (MIS) and the Purchasing Department.

 Human Resources (click here for more information)

The Human Resources Department is responsible for recruiting, hiring and maintaining adequate staff to perform THA's tasks.  These efforts include participation in job fairs, internal training opportunities and maintaining THA's benefits and wellness plans. General service functions include supervision of the central copy room and internal mail services for all THA locations.

 Security (click here for more information)

The Security Department is responsible for providing security at all family and elderly communities.  Security personnel also monitor the Drug Hotline which residents may call anonymously to report any suspected drug use or drug sales in their communities. The Security Department reports to the Vice President of Housing Operations.


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